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Creating the digital stage to tell a story


The starting point

Daily, hundreds of drones soar up into the sky and display the most impressive light visuals. Yet, Dronestories website did not do their work justice.
Dronestories provides her clients with sky storytelling. Hundreds of drone equiped with bright LED lights take the sky and place themselves in such ways to show incredible visuals. With a bunch of great projects and clients in their back pocket, Dronestories felt their website did not to their work justice. With the question to design a compelling website to tell their story, they came to us.

What we did

We designed a new website that puts the incredible work at center stage and shows new clients exactly what it is Dronestories has in store.
Their new website offers a unique insight into the incredible projects Dronstories has delivered its clients. With a clean UI that gives the necessary attention to the cases in possibilities, the website guides users through a visual presentation of what Dronestories has done - and even more importantly - can do.

What it did

Better showcasing the work, their new website is now actively used as a marketing and sales tool.
With a custom theme, Dronestories is updating their website with more work every single week. Showing new clients an impressive look into what they have to offer. With clear call to actions and and extensive information on possibilities, their new website has shown growing conversion rates.