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Seamlessly following orders from store to doorstep


The starting point

With hundreds of products being delivered from it’s stores to customers doorsteps each day, MediaMarkt wanted to create a more seamless customer experience for its delivery service.
Mediamarkt has been offering its customers a store to door delivery service for a long time. Yet, although the delivery of their products runs smoothly, updating customers and drivers on the status of orders, additional service and expected delivery times were not. In need of an improved user interface to better the customer journey, MediaMarkt came to us.

What we did

We carefully designed a dedicated order tracking environment for customers and the
in-store order delivery management system
With both the in-store employees and customers dealing with the same order, we optimised both ends of the spectrum. An order tracking website that helps constumers track their order, in both it’s contents and estimated delivery, helps in providing customers with the neccessary information from leaving the store to receiving the product at home.

We also completely redesigned the in-store dashboard that is used to place new delivery orders and track ongoing ones, streamlining the user interface to show the correct information when needed and making it easier to perform actions.

What it did

More up-sale in additional services and an overall increase in customer satisfaction through an improved NPS.
With the introduction of the website ‘’ customers are better informed on the status and content of their outstanding delivery, making for an increase in purchased additional services, less pressure on customer service and an increased NPS.