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Losing weight with personalised meal plans


The starting point

With nothing more than a great idea and the dream of realising it, Voeda came to us in need of their name, identity and platform.
With a drawn conclusion that current weight losing programs focussed solely on selling a quick and momentary change in habit and weight that try to work for everyone, the team at Voeda decided to create a meaningful change within the industry. By focussing on the individual rather than the masses, Voeda aims to provide an easy to follow eating schedule that is fully personalised for each of its users.

What we did

From easy to remember name and recognisable identity, to fully fledged platform. We delivered Voeda the means to change the dietary market for good.
We helped Voeda in creating the nessecary building blocks to fuel their mission. Working our way up from their fitting name, all the way to their customer facing marketing website and platform that automatically generates customised meal plans based on a database of 500+ recipes and user information regarding allergies, food preferences and personal weight loss goals.

What it did

With over a 1000+ montly users in their first month of being active, Voeda is on it’s way to change the dietary market for good.
With a fast growing user base and the continued development of their platform, Voeda is quickly changing the dietary market for the better. With their focus on personalised meal plans that rely on fitting and real results, rather than vague promisses and health guru nonsense, their name is quickly spreading through a market that hasn’t seen much innovation in years.