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The basics of human trade in NFT form


The starting point

With the recent NFT craze back in 2021 and some free time on our hands, we set out to create a unique NFT project to challenge our creativity.
With thousands of NFT projects launched every day and billions of dollars circulating through coinbase wallets, 2021 marked the year of the NFT. Eventhough we still didn’t quite get the hype and the enormous huge amounts of money involved, we were fascinated by the possibilities and creativity in the space. We set out to create our own unique NFT project. And did.

What we did

A collection of 10.000 unique NFT’s, created by layering 52 unique layers of handmade pixel art.
We set out in creating a concept that brings the digital trading hype of NFT’s back to the basics, although still digital. With raw materials being one of the most important medium of exchange in the beginings of trade, we created ‘Xcavate’. A collection of 10.000 unique NFT’s that consist of a digital soil block containing precious raw materials.

With a specific value system connected, collecting the Xcavate NFT’s leads to raw material value that can be traded for other collections.

What it did

Xcavate has yet to be launched onto the Blockchain. Although we have some plans in place, we’re leaving the project on the shelves for the time being.
We like to finish what we started. Having spend an enormous amount of time and effort, resulting in one of the most extensive and creative projects we’ve ever completed, it would be a shame if our NFT’s won’t trade hands. Although there are some plans of launching our collection into the NFT space, we’ve decided to learn a little more about the market and possibilities untill we do.